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El Perdido Tequila is a product born from a childhood passion as well as his passion for Mexico's rich culture and traditions. El Perdido is produced in the Los Altos region of Jalisco a region 6,000 plus feet above sea level. There is a saying here, "Donde el agave besa el cielo" ("Where the Agave kisses the heavens").

The strictest and highest of standards at El Perdido's distillery insure the consumer of purchasing a top self Tequila. Felipe, an endorsed speaker by the CRT as well as President of la Academia Mexicana del Tequila, USA helps the tequila aficionado and consumer better understand the laws and production process of crafting a fine tequila in Mexico.

"Tequila" a treasure from Mexico to the world.

Salud, Phillip Soto Mares (Felipe)

Spirits of Mexico - Guide to Tequila Video

El Perdido Tequila Tasting Video Series with Tequila Master, Felipe Soto Mares

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