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September 23, 2006

The Squid Squash Foundation presented "An Evening Under the Stars" at the Playboy Mansion (photos and more )


December 23, 2006 (updated March 23, 07)
Top surfboard shaper Gary Linden to design "El Quiote "surfboard line
Gary Linden shapes an agave wood surfboardAgave tequilana weber azul produces a quiote (flower spike) that matures into a light wood similar to balsa but is more colorful. This wood is being transformed into an artful master piece by Gary Linden of Linden Surfboards in association with El Duende Tequila. Being environmentally conscious is important to us, we intend on using all parts of the agave from the piñas for tequila, the sisal for fabric, and the quiote for surfboards, says longtime surfer Phillip Soto Mares. The indigenous people of Mexico revered this plant for its many uses, why shouldn't we? (more info)

Surfboard progress: chapter 1, 2, 3

coastal surfing photo

December 8, 2006
La Academia Mexicana Del Tequila USA Officially Recognized By Mexico's Academia Director
In a ceremony held in San Diego, CA, Phillip Soto Mares became the first director authorized outside of Mexico to be appointed to this position. Academy director Andres Rodriquez-Reynoso traveled from Mexico City to present Phillip Soto Mares with a diploma authorizing a Tequila Academy in the United States. (click for more)

September 16, 2006
The Spirits of Mexico El Duende Videos!

September 26, 2006
News 8 - KMFB:
Local Distiller Hopes To Found Tequila Academy

September 16, 2006
The 185th Anniversary of Mexican Independence
, at The Spirits of Mexico at the San Diego Wine & Culinary Center. (click for more)

September 14, 2006
Got agave? San Marcos distiller proposes local chapter of tequila academy. San Marcos already has a university and college, but some day it may have a school with real spirit.

Philip Soto Mares, president of El Duende Tequila, said he soon will approach the city of San Marcos with a proposal to open the only American chapter of La Academia Mexicana del Tequila, founded in 2000 to protect the image of tequila and promote the industry with seminars and educational events. (click for more)

August 27 - 31st, 2006
Learn to become an expert in tequila! (click for more)

2006 El Duende News
Sean Salisbury Celebrity Classic (quick-link to section below)

February 26, 2006
El Duende Tequila tasting at the Coeur de Cuisine.

February 2006
Tequila El Duende de Don Felipe tribute series to the International Girls of Tequila. (as seen in Revolt/instyle Magazine)

News & Events Archive

2007 | 2006 | 2005